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I have my university exams tomorrow. Gotta read a lot for tomorrow’s paper. And here I am, bugged, bored with continual readings and studies, coming up with yet another post.

Well, that’s not actually the point of the topic. There were/are a few ‘bliss’ful things, which accompanied me all through this PL and made me survive through the ‘worst’ of all semesters of engineering, what with 3 full-length highly generic, theorotical and philosophical subjects to mug. Arghhh…!!! But, thanks to the ‘bliss’ list. These are certain things, which I found/continue to find my bliss at. Materialistic few of them may be! There are layers, deep deep unfathomable layers in their creation:
1. A. R. Rehman’s music. Listen to Latika’s theme from SM, or Dil gira dafatan from Dill-6 or that last classical piece from Rehna Tu or Arziyaan. And it ain’t just about his recent work. There’s so much more. So many other tracks. Masterpieces!
2. Gulzaarsaab’s poetry and lyrics. I’ve already mentioned about my craze for him in my past posts.
3. My senior – Sayali’s writing – Her blog. It’s just so unbelievably deep and mature. Never I’ve seen so much complexity of thought in anyone’s writing. And yet, she’s put her views in so much simple and plain manner, letting that depth n complexity emerging subtly.  Truly admirable.
4. Aamras – It sure ensured me a so-much-wanted, sound sleep in the afternoons and not-at-all-wanted extra weight that I’ve put on and little curved fatty tummy. Nooooo!!! But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the Bliss of the season.
5. Madhuri Dixit – her million-watt smile and breathtaking acting.
6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – need I say more?
7. Good cinema. Good acting. Caught up on few of my favourite movies.
Dor – for both Gul Panag and Ayesha Takia
Life in a Metro – for Sharman Joshi and music and Mumbai
Titanic – true splendour
Khoobsurat – for Rekha and Hrishida’s simplicity
Rock On – for music, well-written characters, cinematography, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli

More later, probably after exams. Amigos. Adios…!

Dil Gira Kahi Dafatan

Have grown immense-immense liking for this song from Delhi-6 recently. Kudos to the God – A.R. Rehman. It’s a must listen for Rehman lovers. Prasoon Joshi, too, has done brilliant work with the lyrics. His style is very reminiscent of my favourite – Gulzaarsaab. But, that doesn’t take away any credit from Joshi’s brilliant writing. He truly is a highly-talented, new-age lyricist.
Oh btw, Dafatan means suddenly. Cheers. 🙂

25 things about ME

Okay, so this bug has taken over me as well… and anyway, this seems to be the perfect way to kill time and keep the blog updated… I wonder why it’s 25? I mean, it could be 40,50, how much ever I wanna write… Whatever, let’s do it…

1. I’m a complete womaniser. If I choose to, I can be a big FLIRT. But I’m not one. I respect women and keep myself away from cheap flirting. By this I don’t mean to say that flirting is always cheap. It’s not just my cup-of-tea.

2. I absolutely love my Mom. She means the world to me. Just her lap to sleep in and end-of-all-the-problems to me. I’m a typical Mama’s boy.

3. People call me boy-next-door. And I like to be one. Wait, before you get me wrong, neither am I inspired from the movie, Girl-next-door, nor am I a Gigolo!

4. I take life as it comes to me. Up-spirited and ever smiling, that’s me.

5. I love to cook. Though I don’t know much in cooking and I don’t cook very often, I would really love to learn cooking. and the plan surely is on cards.

6. I’m in absolute awe of Gulzaar-saab. The way he pens down the most complex thoughts in the simplest of words, hats off to that. Well, Clothes off.

7. I’m MAD after Madhuri Dixit. Totally Fida. I aspire to fill my whole bedroom(when I get one of my own) with her photographs.

8. I am a voracious reader. I can read any random interesting thing.

9. I hardly get angry. and if at all, I get angry, I can not really vent out my anger on anyone. Kids laugh at me when I try n do that.

10. I’m a complete foodie, strictly vegetarian though. I’ve got a sweet tooth.

11. I’m completely against non-vegetarianism and alcoholism.

12. I don’t really have big aspirations set out for myself. I wanna live a simple life, filled with love n care. That’s it.

13. I love old-hindi music. Prefer semi-classical, soft and subtle music, with real good lyrics.

14. I prefer n try to speak correct English. And it irritates me when someone goes grammatically incorrect.

15. I hate it when people abbrevate every single word while writing. I mean, “h r u” for “How are you” is still okay! But, what about something like this: “i knw mumbai wl rock…… realy srong team…… mumbai definatly wil rck”. Jesus, save me from the horror!

16. I’m quite photogenic. Though, while clicking, I’ve to be very particular about my hair.

17. I love to sing. I can’t sing well though. Wish I could be a singer.

18. If I choose to, I can really argue well and bring people down to their knees. I just have to be in the mood to do that.

19. Of very few things that I’m proud about myself, the fact that I can speak/write good n correct English inspite of hailing from a Marathi-school set in a small town called Beed, gives me immense pride. I attribute this achievement of mine, to my class 10 English teacher and my daily dose of newsapers. I’ve a long way to go though!

20. “I know”, “hey”, “as in”, “well”, “actually”, “…right?” are few of my patent words.

21. I avoid/hate long talks on phone. I can hardly speak to anyone on phone, more than 5 minutes. Ironically, I can sit and chat on gtalk for long long hours.

22. I believe in democracy, the freedom of speech. And I make it a point to raise my point against/make people raise their voice against anything going wrong.

23. I refrain myself from judging people.

24. I underestimate myself a lot.

25. At times, I can speak endlessly on any topic. Endlessly… because I tend to go recursive. You never know. I may stop now… But, I may come up with few more facts about myself, sometime later.

I wish, I could make it shorter. But hey, that’s ME!

Woh Do Ped

A simple, beautiful and hearwrenching poem I came across.. presents an essential fact of this era,  which has failed to find its way through humanity… its heart and mind…

Hope our next generation would never have to write anything like this one..
Woh Do Ped…
Barso pahle
abdul chacha ke abba ne
mere ghar ke kareeb
ek neem ka beej gaaDa tha
uske kuch dino baad
dadaji ne bhi theek wahin
aam ki guThlee fenki thi
barsat ke dino me 
dono beej, poudhe ban gaye the..!!!
kahte he ki
abdul chacha or pitaaji
un poudho ko paani seenchte gaye
jab tak poudhe jawaan na ho gaye
bachpan me, rahman or mein bhi
usee ki chhanv me khelte the..!!
basti waale bhi , unhi peDo se,
keriyaa toDte the or nimboli bhi..
hindu aurate tyoharo me un peDo ko 
pujati thi.. to
neem hakeem bhi wahin aate the..!!
neem ke peD ki ek Daal, 
mere chhat tak aati thi
kabhi-kabhi usi Daal ke sahare
mein or rahman ek dusre ki chhat par,
aaya-jaya karte the…
Ek roz ek netaaji ka kafila
hamari basti se guzara tha
unake prachar-rath par lage jhanDe
neem ki Daal se aTak rahe the,
so Daal kaat di gayi…..!!!
abdul chacha or hamare bhi jazbaat juDe the,
neem ke peD se…
magar kuch roz baad
aam ke paD ki Daaliya bhi kaaT di gayi…
keriyaan bhikhari paDi thi..
laasho ki tarha, puri basti me…
ab rahman bhi chhat par
kahan aata tha..
Daal jo kaT chuki thi….
ek roz
basti me matam ka mahoul tha
abdul chacha ki laash laTak rahi thi,
neem ke peD se…
sab log moujood the wahan,
magar netaji nazar nahi aa rahe the,
basti jalne lagi thi……!!!!!!!
Barso baad bhi….
woh dono peD,
wahin moujood hein..
us ujaaDi basti me….!!!
neem ka peD
shayad abdul chacha jeisa lag raha tha
buDha, TuTa hua sa
or aam ka paD
mere dadaji jeisa,
bilkul laachar…!!!!!

There’s nothing to tell…

Hi all,

apparently… The title chosen for this post happens to be the first dialogue in popular american sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, the series I am a complete fan of… Well, to start with first ever blog post of mine, I surprisingly have nothing to tell… A regular follower of few of my my friends’ blog, the thought of creating one of own excited me…
I assume my bloggin experience would/should be like wine.. should/would get better with time… I im into a lot of reading now-a-days.. I read many random things and I just love doing that.. That’s my favorite passtime… So, I’ll be using my blog to share the stuff which I read and personally like… So, I claim none of the contents posted to be mine, unless specified…
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