I have my university exams tomorrow. Gotta read a lot for tomorrow’s paper. And here I am, bugged, bored with continual readings and studies, coming up with yet another post.

Well, that’s not actually the point of the topic. There were/are a few ‘bliss’ful things, which accompanied me all through this PL and made me survive through the ‘worst’ of all semesters of engineering, what with 3 full-length highly generic, theorotical and philosophical subjects to mug. Arghhh…!!! But, thanks to the ‘bliss’ list. These are certain things, which I found/continue to find my bliss at. Materialistic few of them may be! There are layers, deep deep unfathomable layers in their creation:
1. A. R. Rehman’s music. Listen to Latika’s theme from SM, or Dil gira dafatan from Dill-6 or that last classical piece from Rehna Tu or Arziyaan. And it ain’t just about his recent work. There’s so much more. So many other tracks. Masterpieces!
2. Gulzaarsaab’s poetry and lyrics. I’ve already mentioned about my craze for him in my past posts.
3. My senior – Sayali’s writing – Her blog. It’s just so unbelievably deep and mature. Never I’ve seen so much complexity of thought in anyone’s writing. And yet, she’s put her views in so much simple and plain manner, letting that depth n complexity emerging subtly.  Truly admirable.
4. Aamras – It sure ensured me a so-much-wanted, sound sleep in the afternoons and not-at-all-wanted extra weight that I’ve put on and little curved fatty tummy. Nooooo!!! But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the Bliss of the season.
5. Madhuri Dixit – her million-watt smile and breathtaking acting.
6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – need I say more?
7. Good cinema. Good acting. Caught up on few of my favourite movies.
Dor – for both Gul Panag and Ayesha Takia
Life in a Metro – for Sharman Joshi and music and Mumbai
Titanic – true splendour
Khoobsurat – for Rekha and Hrishida’s simplicity
Rock On – for music, well-written characters, cinematography, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli

More later, probably after exams. Amigos. Adios…!

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