Saw this unusual movie recently. Unusual, because, it revolves around only two characters for the whole movie. The pair constantly keeps on conversing throughout and there’s no end to it. Some may find it boring and drab. But it takes sincere gut and conviction to make such a kind of movie, where the whole perspectives about life and love, by 2 totally different individuals, are woven so neatly, crisply n subtly that you don’t mind wanting to fall in love with a complete stranger (that’s why I support arranged marriages maybe. 😛 ). Opposites attract, they say! I mean the very idea of getting to know and spending time together for around 24 hrs in a completely strange city with a complete stranger, you’d met on a train journey seems very enticing. (No doubts so, Titanic, Jab We Met, Mr. And Mrs. Iyer and etc. are my favourite movies) I won’t talk about the rest of the movie much. If you find this much description interesting enough, go and watch it. Just a word of caution: If you don’t have enough patience to hold on to 100 minutes of complete sensible chatters, this one’s not for you.
After I finished watching the movie, I was just wondering if isn’t life in a longer run somehow about that? About some kinda thrill, some excitement, something unusual, something thrilling n interesting around the corner. I can not really imagine my life devoid of this thrill, of the excitement of meeting new people. There’s this unanswerable, unfathomable, acute sense of oneness or belongingness you feel within, when you land up with a person, who’s entirely new to the surroundings as much as you are, more or less. I remember my Trekking camp in Mahabaleshwar, when I was in school and how I met one of my soulmates in a guy called Ajinkya Kurdukar there. Or an NTSE camp at Aurangabad. I met Madhur, my beshteshht buddy there. Or recently concluded Object Boot Camp and Art Of Living – YES!+ DSN course. I met some amazing amazing people there. These memories and many more, are the ones that will be cherished for the lifetime. And it is memories like these, which give you a feeling, that life is truly beautiful. And it’s not only about these particular camps or courses. I can write to no end about people I met in my college life, both at Fergusson and at PICT. There’s just so much to learn from people around, in general. That gives one a very humbling feeling (and actually a feeling of uniqueness too. :P) and that you start believing the World is not selfish after all and Love abides us all.
I sometimes (always, actually) feel very grateful to each n every person I met on this planet, for they had in them something or other to make me learn. I just sometimes want to complain about prospect of getting away from the people, you start growing your affection towards. Why, O Lord, every damn thing is associated with pain of parting? When recently my dear senior friends finished their graduation and that meant no more college for them, I could not help digest it. Or at ThoughtWorks! While working together with people from TSEC, Mumbai & Shravanesh from Ghaziabad, we had so much fun that when it came time to say Good-Byes, we all really wished if we could have more of it. Times and memories like these, still linger around and it is precious memories like these, that one keeps on striving for. Maybe that’s the whole fun of life. Parting is pain! It sucks. But, it is that unknown chase, that wanting for something fulfilling, that desire to make each moment, each memory precious, to make the time you spend with people, the best time you could ever have spent, that keeps you moving on. And so, I would call it off with one of my favourite dialogues from Titanic (This was when Jack was invited over to the royal dinner at the party)…. “Life is… To make it count”
Spread cheer, spread love!
Keep Smiling! 🙂

2 thoughts on “BEFORE SUNRISE

  1. FrostBite July 2, 2009 at 3:09 am Reply

    :)… keep meeting newer people…..but never forget the ones you already have……that makes the parting less painful….

  2. […] to help us save time. Then too, we crib about not having enough time at all.   The movie “Before Sunrise” (Brilliant movie and my all time favorite romantic film, btw!) has a very apt comment on […]

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