It’s that time of the year again

Okay… So, this is it… That time of the year has arrived, this time, with a different flavour though… But there’s not a slight bit of change in the zeal, the curiosity and the anxiety it brings about, with it. Everyone’s talking about it. The air’s filled with confusion, concerns, curiousity, nervousness, tension, pressure. People are trying to master the tricks of this new game. A kinda new race has begun for everyone.
Nobody wants to lag behind for sure. Everyone’s trying to put in the best. Old, tacky books are being revisited. I personally haven’t spent so much time in the library before, than I’m spending now. Everyone, now a days, is worshipping the new God, ‘Shakuntala Devi’ (Did I ‘puzzle’ you with this one? [:)]). People discussing about movies, girls, crushes, food, sports and technology otherwise, are now discussing about the very fresh and blue, you guessed it right, the ‘Placement season’. And so, one can normally listen to conversations like “Kaunsi company kab aa rahi hain?… Kitna package de rahi hain?… Yaar, package agar ‘4’ (4 lacs) se kam hain to main nahi baithunga uss comapny ke liye… Company kiss domain mein kaam karti hain? Kyaa kyaa questions poochhe jaate hain? Yaar ‘apti’ to clear hona chahiye… Tu toh clear ho hi jaayega… ‘xxx’ company ‘yyy’ namak student ko to pakka uthayegi… Hardly 10-12 log place honge.. Mere chances to kam hain… Tum ek baar select ho jaao to dusri comapny ke liye baith nahii sakte… Abhi placements kyun hain? Muze GRE/CAt ke liye padhna hain? Aage jaake main kuchh bhii karu lekin abhi agar job mile to sort of ‘backup’ rahega” and blah and blah and blahNow you can see the whole ‘new’ BE batch, together at a time in college… a rare scene… A certain company, which used to be less on priority till last year, has become ‘the hot favourite’ suddenly. Everyone’s(?) now neatly dressed in formals… Even I had to go and buy some formal clothes. (something which I hate to do… buying clothes… shopping in general… coz my parents have been doing it for me more often and I even hate more to wear formals)…
Looking at this whole atmosphere, I get a feeling that I’m back to where I started… that I’m a fresh HSC passed student, who’s sort of trying for the ‘Best engineering college’ with a desirable branch… It’s just the same now, as it was before. Just that, we’ll be facing few added rounds of interview… Otherwise, it’s just the same glow in everyone’s eye… That desire of wanting to be at best possible place.. The nervousness of not screwing up the tests and putting career at stake… And that, after getting into one of the ‘Best engineering colleges’, that reaffirmed sigh of relief that the future is now safe since this college offers best jobs… Until… until it turned out that ours would be the unfortunate batch, which would be hit by downsizing and which meant ‘no jobs’ for few more months. And for now, this is pretty much the scene that only 10-12 amongs 300 odd students will get a job. Nevertheless, I’m pretty optimistic that things would change by coming december. I hope nobody’s dream, after stepping into college and living with that dream for 3-4 years and working hard to achieve that, gets shattered. I hope my fellow batchmates(including me :)) will get a respectable job or atleast, will get to do PG at a good university.
Somehow, I’m loving this shorter round of placments though. Pretty odd to have 2 rounds of placements. But this will prepare us for the bigger picture that would hopefully arrive in december.
I can only imagine right now, the joy of that particular guy, who’ll walk out of the interview room triumphantly, and that, he’d be the first amongst we all, to get placed.
Cheers… 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again

  1. FrostBite July 14, 2009 at 1:46 pm Reply

    Best of luck Chutku……do your best….

  2. Abhijit July 14, 2009 at 2:52 pm Reply

    Welcome to BE ! The best year of engineering life ! Best of luck 🙂

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