Again, this one’s a new way of getting to know each other in the blogosphere and letting people do what they like to do (i.e. writing about themselves :).. though there’s always an exception).

I was basically tagged by Rohan. Thanks Rohan… 🙂

So, here it goes…

1. A – Available/Single? Not available if I’m not single :). Currently though, single! And I like it
2. B – Best friend? I’m friends with many. But close to few. They know me in and out
3. C – Cake or Pie? Cakes, cakes and more cakes
4. D – Drink of choice? My day compulsorily starts with a full mug of Milk with Bournvita
5. E – Essential item you use every day? My phone and internet
6. F – Favorite color? White, Blue, Red sometimes
7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? None
8. H – Hometown? Beed
9. I – Indulgence? Reading, Eating, Hanging out with friends
10. J – January or February? February
11. K – Kids & their name? If art circle is a family, then yes 🙂 (a few juniors)
12. L – Life is incomplete without? Love, Hope and Optimism
13. M – Marriage date? Still time
14. N – Number of siblings? An elder and a younger sister
15. O – Oranges or Apples? Apples
16. P – Phobias/Fears? Fear of losing my beloved people
17. Q – Quote for today? “Live Life, Don’t Exist 🙂
18. R – Reason to smile? I need no reasons to smile. Do you need a reason to be happy?
19. S – Season? Summer
20. T – Tag 3 People? Yes
21. U – Unknown fact about me? Till 10th std, I din’t know that there existed streams like ‘arts’, ‘science‘ and ‘commerce’ in college. My Maths was good, so I wanted to pursue commerce. My mom had enrolled me to IIT-JEE classes without my knowledge. So, I had to take science. Science and engineering, happened by chance. :). I’m very much thankful for that to my Mom though
22. V – Vegetable you don’t like? None
23. W – Worst habit? I take things too casually at times. I’m not punctual when it comes to attending college
24. X – X-rays you’ve had? Tooth, Stomach
25. Y – Your favorite food? Anything veg under the Sun. I’ve got a sweet tooth though
26. Z – Zodiac sign? Taurus

I tag Manya, PD and Aruna


2 thoughts on “ABC Tag

  1. Shriniket July 31, 2009 at 7:34 am Reply

    Well, that unknown fact was real shock for me.. So definitely, thanx to your mom, as you are excelling here like anything..And a lovely quote.. And when at home, even my day compulsarily starts with a full mug of milk with bournvita.. Its been the same since 13-15 years now 🙂

  2. Shweta Shetty August 19, 2009 at 11:54 am Reply

    Hey! Thanks for reading my blog….Add me to your blog list….

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