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I was switching through TV channels yesterday, where on a certain channel, I came across a reality(?) show about Mom, dad n a kid… It’s called Pati, Patni Aur Woh… and has Rakhi Sawant in it… Not that I follow the show. I only know the show is about giving certain celeb couples, a real(or reel?) life taste of handling the kids.
Well, there was some interesting piece of conversation going on between Rakhi and her so-called-fiancee Elesh, over the introduction of new villain(?as Rakhi  puts it) in their house, a dog, as a part of TV show. So, along with the kids, they now had/have to take care of this really cute dog too. Rakhi, too tired with handling a kid, was all worried about taking care of a dog as well. Here’s what she had to say, on which Elesh, unknowingly commented something, which made me laugh my a** out… Here’s the piece of conversation:
Rakhi: Pehele to inhone bachche sambhalne ko bola tha. Ab inhone kutte bhi de diye. Toh ab kya hum kutte paida karenge?
Elesh: Aisa koi challenge nahi hain jo hum poora nahii kar sakte… 😛 😀

ROFL! I need not explain this piece of convo. Readers are intelligent enough to understand. For those who din’t understand, please read the question put  at the end, by Rakhi and read Elesh’s immediate reply :P. I dunno what they call it, colloquialism, is it? Well, what Elesh would have possibly meant to say was, Hum kutte sambhalne ka challenge bhi poora kar sakte hain… Par Elesbhai, tumne rakhi ne poochha hua question suna na!!!
It somehow amuses me, how Elesh or TV channels or the TV censor board failed to notice this. It was purely unintended though. But, it surely gave me a good laugh for 5 minutes(Nobody was at home, thankfully), thanks to Elesh’s dumbness or Rakhi’s weird n silly question or the fact that I happened to switch the channel, with a welcome as funny as this.

The conversation further, was another piece of cracker…
Elesh: Woh kutta mere bhaai jaisa hain. Hum usse mere bhaai ki tarah palenge.
Rakhi: Toh ab kyaa main usse dewar bulaoongi?
Well by that, I dunno, whether rakhi means to treat dog, as human or call Elesh a dog. :P. You all decide. I understood what I had to… 😛

Bollywood Aaj Kal

Okay people, here’s my take on a few of those stereotyped, overly melodramatic, typical hindi movie dialogues… What if I had to re-write those…
Note: I may get nasty at times… Please don’t mind it… People with a weak heart, Beware…!!! 😛

Ladki: Thakursahab, Meri Izzat ab aapke haathon mein hain…
Thakur: Par mere haath toh khaali hain…

What about this classic one?

Lady: Main tumhaare bachche kii maa bananewali hoon
(Does that mean, she confirmed it with 2-3 other guys and thus, she means to say, Main tumhaare ‘hi’ bachche kii maa bananewali hoon :P)

and what if the herione’s mother had to convey the same to the guy?
would it be, “Main tumhaare bachche kii naani bananewali hoon” 😛

another one,

an aunt: Ye din dekhne se pehle main mar kyun nahii gaii?
me : well, Yamraj tumhe kabse maarne pe tula hua hain. Ab tumne officially consent diya hi hain toh ab mar jao.

fir khushi ke maare, on listening to a good news,

Lady: Tumhaare mooh mein ghee shakkar
me: I’m sorry, they make me put on a lot of weight. Kuchh aur milega? 😛

something on romantic note,

Ladka: Main tumhaare liye chaand-taare tod laaonga
Ladki: Dekho, woh meri dost Priya ke chaand-taaronse khubsoorat aur mehenge hone chahiye. Aur dekhna, koi defective piece naa aaye…!

and one more,

Ladka: Chalo dildaar chalo, chaand ke paar chalo
Ladki: Wahan ‘privacy’ toh milegi naa?

and the last one for now,

somebody: ab main unhe kyaa mooh dikhau? OR main tumhe kis mooh se batau?
me: tumhaare kitne mooh hain?

This is it for now. Will write more if I find something more interesting.

Stay connected…

A post after a huge break… Pretty huge break, in fact… Life’s been very busy… As one of my friends puts it, “If you’re not busy enough, you’re not doing good enough”… So, true… Besides there was no good topic to write upon… It was only this busy, hectic and gruesome schedule that made me realize how time makes one go away from one’s own people… I mean, there’s a choice that I made, to keep myself busy and involved and updated and blah… To make every second count… and I have no regrets about this choice… It’s only that now, I’ve begun to realize the value of my own people, that how their presence matters so much, that how pale and dry my life would be without these people… I may not be able to stay in touch with them every-time around… But, I have this faith, they’re still there, around me… for me… wanting to understand me… understanding me… So, I somehow want to thank this busy affair that it made me go away from my own people only to make me realize their importance…

I basically stay away from my native place and thus my family, for my studies… Being mamma’s boy, I’m used to talk to her on phone almost every alternate day. But I’ve hardly talked to her in past 15 days… and whatever little chat it was, was very formal, of “what’s up” and “how are you” types??? Sad… In another case, I stay in the same city, that’s Pune, as my best pals from junior college do… but, I’ve not met them for at least 2 months… There’s not even been an exchange of messages… Even, the advent of technologies, with cellphones, internet, gtalk does not seem to help. They say, with globalization, the world is getting shorter. True it is, but only to an extent that you can “reach” any person anywhere in the world in a single ping. But, that won’t help too when one does not have willingness(coz of being occupied) to reach to the people. Because, whatever time’s left after accomplishing your daily chores is needed to be spent with oneself, one’s own self…

So, it was just another day, when it came to my mind that “why not write letters to my beloved ones”…!!! Through e-mail maybe…!!! And bingo, I started writing one to an old friend of mine… Lihitaana saglya bhavananna vaat mokli karun dili… Written media has this magic… You get to write and confess everything, you’ve been hesitating to speak about…!!! Take an example of blogs :)… Or remember all those messenger or g-talk chats where one went on to talk to one’s friend for hours… One doesn’t speak so much to his/her friend probably on phone(besides, one has to worry about horrifying bills, right? :P) or in presence, too… Be it any emotion, happiness, joy, guilt, sorrow, forgiveness, confession, fights… *text* magic has worked for me… And does it not feel very special, when all of a sudden, you get a message from your friend at midnight, saying something, which gives you an emotional high?

Anyways, it’s a session of digital letters for me currently… And I’m simply loving it 🙂

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