Bollywood Aaj Kal

Okay people, here’s my take on a few of those stereotyped, overly melodramatic, typical hindi movie dialogues… What if I had to re-write those…
Note: I may get nasty at times… Please don’t mind it… People with a weak heart, Beware…!!! 😛

Ladki: Thakursahab, Meri Izzat ab aapke haathon mein hain…
Thakur: Par mere haath toh khaali hain…

What about this classic one?

Lady: Main tumhaare bachche kii maa bananewali hoon
(Does that mean, she confirmed it with 2-3 other guys and thus, she means to say, Main tumhaare ‘hi’ bachche kii maa bananewali hoon :P)

and what if the herione’s mother had to convey the same to the guy?
would it be, “Main tumhaare bachche kii naani bananewali hoon” 😛

another one,

an aunt: Ye din dekhne se pehle main mar kyun nahii gaii?
me : well, Yamraj tumhe kabse maarne pe tula hua hain. Ab tumne officially consent diya hi hain toh ab mar jao.

fir khushi ke maare, on listening to a good news,

Lady: Tumhaare mooh mein ghee shakkar
me: I’m sorry, they make me put on a lot of weight. Kuchh aur milega? 😛

something on romantic note,

Ladka: Main tumhaare liye chaand-taare tod laaonga
Ladki: Dekho, woh meri dost Priya ke chaand-taaronse khubsoorat aur mehenge hone chahiye. Aur dekhna, koi defective piece naa aaye…!

and one more,

Ladka: Chalo dildaar chalo, chaand ke paar chalo
Ladki: Wahan ‘privacy’ toh milegi naa?

and the last one for now,

somebody: ab main unhe kyaa mooh dikhau? OR main tumhe kis mooh se batau?
me: tumhaare kitne mooh hain?

This is it for now. Will write more if I find something more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Bollywood Aaj Kal

  1. FrostBite October 26, 2009 at 5:16 pm Reply

    heheheheheh….this is great….keep writing!

  2. Anuj October 31, 2009 at 5:02 am Reply

    Hahaha…Ek number..2 gud man!

  3. Yash February 20, 2010 at 7:00 am Reply

    hey pratik check out for more interesting dialogues..

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