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Tension Tension

खूप दिवसांपासून मनात होतं कि मराठीत लिहाव. आज तसा topic पण मिळाला. सध्या काय आहे ना, कि सगळीकड़े टेंशन चीच भाषा आहे. परीक्षेचा माहौल आहे ना!
मग काय, अभ्यास होत च नाही, Kantaala च येतो,  झोपच येते, बराच अभ्यास राहिलेला असतो, Distinction तरी मिळेल कि नाही ह्याची चिंता वाटू लागते, ‘backlog’ आणि ‘externals ‘ नावाचे भूत डोक्यावर अगदी थैमान घालत असतात. इंजीनियरिंग useless वाटते, ‘काय फायदा आहे अभ्यासाचा?’ ह्याच्यावर debate सुरु होते आणि बरंच काही! सगळ्याच प्रकार चे विचार मनात गर्दी करतात. “कसा सुरु आहे अभ्यास?, किती झाला अभ्यास?, तुझी तर बुवा revision सुरु असेल” अश्या वाह्यात चर्चा ही मग सुरु होतात. माझं daydreaming सुरु असतं. अभ्यास न करण्याचे excuses मी शोधत राहतो. Pressure ला kill करण्यासाठी मी बरेच प्रकार आजमावतो(No wrong signals here, eh!). पण एक गोष्ट मात्र सतत ह्या वातावरणाचा भाग बनून असते, “टेंशन”. खरं म्हणजे, विचार केला(PL मध्ये अभ्यासापेक्षा जास्त घडणारी गोष्ट, विचार, daydreaming !) तर हे टेंशन “foul” वाटायला लागतं.
खैर मानो, “उद्याच्या भाकरीचा प्रश्न कसा सोडवावा?, आज बस परत late आली तर नोकरी गेली, परत एक मुलगी जन्माला घातली तर माझी काही खैर नाही, भाजी ला आज बाजारात भाव मिळेल का?, stock market परत कधी stable होणार?,  “layoff ” मध्ये आज माझा तर नंबर नाही ना!, आईचा दुखन थांबतच नाहिये, तुका शहीद झाल्यावर पुढे घर चालवणार कोण?” आणि तत्सम टेंशन नशिबात नाहीयेत अजून. उगाच फ़ालतू टेंशन पायी किती दिशाहीन आयुष्य घालवतो मी!!!
तर असा हां सगळा विचार मनात येतो आणि मला माझे अभ्यासाचे टेंशन थिटे वाटू लागते. परीक्षाच आहे, जीवन मरणाचा प्रश्न तर नाही हे समजल्यावर मग मी चुपचाप अभ्यासाला बसतो, without any tension…!!! 🙂

update: Do I sound a little sad in this post? Naah… I’m actually enjoying every bit of my last winter PL… The post is only about dealing with a very cute non-existent pressure situation in PLs. I mean, why to get carried away by the tension? If I sit back n give a thought, All Izz Well, Mamu…!!!


Rahul kaa swayam’var’???

As much as I try to avoid cursing/ignoring these freaky reality TV shows and the news surrounding, something or other keeps coming my way which I can’t resist talking about.

I Just read the news of the Swayamvar(to be launched on a TV channel soon) of Mr. Rahul Mahajan, son of late Mr. Pramod Mahajan. I somehow find the usage of term ‘Swayamvar’ very funny. As long as I know, the word Swayamvar, in mythology, means choosing your own ‘var'(husband). Got the point, eh!

The news also reads, the Swayamvar – Part 2, has got several thousands applications from girls all over India and abroad. Woooahhh!!! I pity those girls. The show ain’t for you girls…!!!

I wonder why ain’t there any application from a guy… The name ‘Swayamvar’ states it, guys…!!! Afterall, several applications from guys will only add some spicy controversy to the show and to the controversy king, Rahul Mahajan himself…!!! Rahul Mahajan, who’s already generated a lot of controversy in a ‘consumption of drugs’ case, his broken marriage, his participation and infamous exit from Big Boss-2, will have a lot to cheer about, with this one… if only he’s listening. TV channels, are you listening too??? TRPs, eh…!!!

Contract marriages and pregnancy

Forget love marriages and arranged marriages, the recent news of renewal of contract marriage, between Hollywood celeb couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has made me write this post. I have nothing to comment upon Contract marriages as such. There’s this piece of news which is rather shocking:

Apparently, while the contract b/w the celeb couple is up for renewal, here are some demands made by Katie, for the same:
1. An extra $500,000 for supporting Scientology, the religion that Tom follows
2. An annual increase in her annual clothing allowance from $750,000 to 2 million dollars
3. Katie reportedly received a $3 million bonus from Tom when she gave birth to Suri. For more children, Tom has increased the additional offspring offer as an incentive for Katie to get pregnant again. He’s ready to pay upto $5.5 million for Katie, to get pregnant, with a 2 million dollar bonus if she conceives by 2011. Katie, however, seems to wants at least 11 million dollars if she gives birth and 5.5. million dollars if she ‘tries and fails’.

The first 2 demands sound both, very funny and strange. It’s the 3rd demand which has kinda invoked a disgust in me… I mean, WTF guys??? Apparently, giving birth to a child, is a very beautiful process. It’s beautiful and miraculous to give life to a new life. God’s greatest gift ever. The best thing that can ever happen to a woman is to be a “Mother”. It’s priceless. And thus, it’s absolutely disgusting to see Katie pricing her motherhood. On Tom’ side, I can only laugh my a** out when I imagine a situation, where, Katie is half way through delievering a baby and Tom could only manage to pay $10 million by then. The baby is half out, half in. Katie tells Tom, “Baaki ke 1 million dollar pay karo, warna mein bachche ko baahar nahii aane dungi…!!!” LOL 🙂
If Tom’s got so much money, then instead of spending it on Katie’s “motherhood contract”, he can atleast fund it to all those innumerable families who can’t afford the hospital charges of delievering a baby and so, give an unhygienic and an unsafe birth to the baby at home, resulting in mother’s or child’s death in some cases. God help him.
On second thoughts, though I’m happy this system of contract marriages does not exist in India, what if it were to exist? I see an advantage…!!! If women start asking for money, before getting pregnant, I can see an end to a lot many problems like,

1. Women will start earning, sitting home. They can really be independent n self-sufficient.
2. There will be a lot of population control, if fathering/parenting a child comes at a cost.
3. There won’t be any case of unwanted pregnancy and of killing innocent infants further, because Pregnancy will be a “calculated and financed” effort 🙂
4. There won’t be any abandoning of girl child any further. Who would want to abandon a child worth Rs. thousands???

On the other hand, farfetched it may sound, I’m afraid this system would also bring a day into our lives where we’ll get to hear conversations between kids, like,

A: Mera janam 5000 Rs. mein hua hain.
B: Abe, teri kuchh bhi value nahi hain phir! Mera janam to 1 lakh mein hua hain.

As it is, we all are sick of being witnessed to racial, financial, national, regional, caste n religion-based divide amongst people. I just pray to God, I won’t ever have to see a new kind of divide, the one based upon the birth-value, as mentioned in the conversation above. I’m sorry…!!! I would prefer a peaceful death, before seeing any such day.

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