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Virus deletes your files, eh?

Does it? No seriously, does it? I see this happening most of the times to many people… Some creepy virus enters your pendrive and suddenly, you see all your folders missing…!!! You try antivirus, but in vain! You think antivirus got rid of the virus-infected files…!!!

Well, antivirus *does* delete a few virus files, but your files and folders. It so happens that your original folders on the pendrive gain OS privileges, when the virus is being healed/quarantined by the antivirus. And so, these folders go hidden(and not deleted!!!). You can very well see these hidden/missing folders, with an acquired lock on Ubuntu. But then on Windows, you can’t see these folders even if you check “Show hidden files and folders” in the “View” tab of “Folder Options” on the toolbar. So, to gain an access to such folders, you can try one of these 2 options:

 1. If you’re lucky enough and remember some or all of you folder names, you can type the path for the same in address bar of Windows. For ex: K:/New Folder, if the “New Folder” is the folder which has gone missing. It works for Nested hidden folders too viz. K:/New Folder/Songs and Bingo! You’re inside the “Songs” folder. Well, these folder names need to be exact and Case-sensitive though. You can’t get an access to “Songs” folder if you type in “songs”
2. You might not always be lucky enough with your folder names, as in step one. Well, step one won’t be required, with this particular step. You simply go to “Folder Options”, go to “View” tab and uncheck the option “Hide protected operating system files” and click on “Yes” in the dialog-box that appears. And Magic…!!! You see all your missing folders, back again :). To avoid doing this step again n again everytime you insert the pendrive, simply cut-paste the contents from the hidden folder(once you get an access to it) to a new folder.
So, next time, whenever you think you’ve lost your files, this one should help definitely. There are exceptions at times. But that’s a rarity. So…
Take Care,

PS: WOW! With this post, I go technical in my blog. But that’s not an indication of any sorts, that you’ll see more of techie stuff on this blog henceforth. Sorry! There are better people to post technical stuff. I’m just a mere mortal.:)

PPS: I could have posted some screenshots. But I’m posting from Ubuntu and am very lazy to “Google” the screenshots n upload here. Good Luck.


Kal Ho Na Ho

Had a terrible dream this afternoon, while I was asleep… Apparently my youngest cousin, the total sweetheart in the family, went missing(in the dream). She’s just a year old and liked by everyone in the family. My chachi’s all worried. It’s been 4 days. Nobody knows where she is. There’s no kidnapping call. No sign of whether she’s alive n in safe hands or *you know what*! Everyone’s absolutely depressed n worried… I woke up out of horror.

The thought of losing someone is terrifying indeed. In a recent piece of news, I read about a software engineer going missing when she was on a trek with her friends to Sinhagad. Till now, there have been no absolute traces of her existence. It’s been 15 days…!!! Nobody knows whether she’s alive or dead. What trauma her family must be going through! What it must be for a mother to lose her son on CST during 26/11! For a husband to lose his beloved wife in an accident! For a child to lose his/her mother in a burnings’ case! For those innumerable families who lose their kids in kidnapping cases! And for all those, for whom the death of their beloved ones, strikes like a deafening crash…!!!

Well, parting is the supreme truth. One has to agree to and accept it at some point in one’s life… To the very fact that Death exists, wandering around… It may knock my door any given day, or hit someone else close to me. I surrender! I know it’s unpredictable n out of my hands. The only thing I know and can have a control upon is to make sure I confess my love, sorrow, gratitude or apology to my loved ones, to people close to me from time to time. I believe, it’s very important to be vocal in any, any damn relationship, to express what I feel for the person next to me, to be free of mind n speak out, before I’m led to a regretful death otherwise! Coz, when needed, I may not get a chance to apologise to those whom I’ve hurt or to express my gratitude to everyone who made a difference to my life or to bid a goodbye, confessing everyone I know, how much I love them all…!!! Kya pata? Kal Ho Na Ho…!!!

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