Kal Ho Na Ho

Had a terrible dream this afternoon, while I was asleep… Apparently my youngest cousin, the total sweetheart in the family, went missing(in the dream). She’s just a year old and liked by everyone in the family. My chachi’s all worried. It’s been 4 days. Nobody knows where she is. There’s no kidnapping call. No sign of whether she’s alive n in safe hands or *you know what*! Everyone’s absolutely depressed n worried… I woke up out of horror.

The thought of losing someone is terrifying indeed. In a recent piece of news, I read about a software engineer going missing when she was on a trek with her friends to Sinhagad. Till now, there have been no absolute traces of her existence. It’s been 15 days…!!! Nobody knows whether she’s alive or dead. What trauma her family must be going through! What it must be for a mother to lose her son on CST during 26/11! For a husband to lose his beloved wife in an accident! For a child to lose his/her mother in a burnings’ case! For those innumerable families who lose their kids in kidnapping cases! And for all those, for whom the death of their beloved ones, strikes like a deafening crash…!!!

Well, parting is the supreme truth. One has to agree to and accept it at some point in one’s life… To the very fact that Death exists, wandering around… It may knock my door any given day, or hit someone else close to me. I surrender! I know it’s unpredictable n out of my hands. The only thing I know and can have a control upon is to make sure I confess my love, sorrow, gratitude or apology to my loved ones, to people close to me from time to time. I believe, it’s very important to be vocal in any, any damn relationship, to express what I feel for the person next to me, to be free of mind n speak out, before I’m led to a regretful death otherwise! Coz, when needed, I may not get a chance to apologise to those whom I’ve hurt or to express my gratitude to everyone who made a difference to my life or to bid a goodbye, confessing everyone I know, how much I love them all…!!! Kya pata? Kal Ho Na Ho…!!!


3 thoughts on “Kal Ho Na Ho

  1. Aditi December 17, 2009 at 7:38 pm Reply

    Ya,loosing sm1 close is terrible. People say that tim heals everything,but smtimes it jus gets worst,,,n I agree wid what u say in that last para,totally. It wud have been best if we could just know 'Death is comin' smtim prior,so that we could get sm tim to see all loved ones once..probably m expecting too much here

  2. Aditi December 17, 2009 at 7:40 pm Reply


  3. pankhuri December 19, 2009 at 1:04 pm Reply

    ultimately, all that we have in our hand is what we do with the truth that's been laid down in front of us.. We can only try to shape it to be good/better.. but then like u said,who knows what tomorrow may bring…

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