3 One-Act Plays

Well, it’s pretty late to do this. Better late than never though. Here’s the update:
A few of the (current and ex)alumni of Pune Institute Of Computer Technology(my alma-mater) and its Art Circle are performing 3 one-act plays. These plays were finalists at Purushottam Karandak(a very prestigious inter-collegiate theatre competition in Pune) in year 2006,2008,2009.
Order: Ivlasa Abhal (2009),Children Of Heaven(2008),Asach Kadhitari(2006)
Day and Timing: Friday, 8th of January, 2010. 9pm to 12 midnight.
Venue: Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune
Here’s the link to the publicity poster: http://tinyurl.com/ye57oym 
Tickets available at the venue. You can also contact 9823837667,9970102502
I can vouch for all the 3 plays for they’ve been written excellently, executed brilliantly and enacted beautifully. They all have been award-winning plays(acting, writing and team prizes) and surely won the audience’s hearts. Live music, which includes very melodic compositions of Yanni, Evanescence,etc., is going to be played for Children Of Heaven, one of the 3 plays.
Please be there. Thanks 🙂

One thought on “3 One-Act Plays

  1. Aditi February 12, 2010 at 6:35 pm Reply

    hey i've missed it…can I nehow get the soft copies??btw did ya get the moodi pics from Mrunal?

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