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Being veggie…!!!

Was out for a dinner with a few friends last night. During the casual discussion of how the day was spent, one of my friends, who was sitting next to me said that he had “Biryaani” during lunch! Chicken Biryaani…!!! Arghhhh…!!! I couldn’t continue my dinner comfortably. Okay, for all who don’t know, I’m a hardcore vegetarian! As in, I could not imagine myself sitting next to the person who had gulped an innocent chicken just a few hours before. The pictures of that poor life residing into my friend’s stomach were flashing in my mind.
This may sound funny to read. But on a serious note, we crib so much when we find a cockroach or any small insect in the food. How can we be happy killing million such innocent lives, of chicken, of goats, of cows and what not, only to satisfy our taste buds? Imagine, A chicken is being killed “live” in front of you!!! Can you see that? Can you bear that? I guess not. Ek zindagii kii peeda hum kaise dekh sakte hain? And if it is about being health-conscious, fit and strong, look at veggies! They’re absolutely fit and fine. So can everyone else be, without being a non-vegetarian!

Moving on…

We are taught to say “NO” to people… Around us, we can see many of those who deliever lectures on how to say “NO”… But should we also not be taught to listen to “NO”? I mean, one comes across many situations in routine where one has to listen to the unwanted. It seems not a pleasant fact to hear.  It’s definitely not likeable, may it be in the form of honest criticism or a taunt or a passing comment or a rude answer. It terribly terribly affects your mentality, your routine, your line of thinking. It causes serious depression to a few. The reason behind it not being likeable, in most cases is that our dear ego gets hurt or at times, it’s just that we’re not habituated to listen to something awkward like that.
I don’t intend to analyse how and why does it hurt OR should it hurt or not! Coz “getting hurt” for any reasons whatsoever is an undeniable fact. It’s just another problem amongst all the problems that we face daily. And so if it a problem, could there not be any solution to it? “Leave your ego behind” is the most obvious answer that one could get. But it somehow sounds impractical, especially at times when one’s already hurt so much and is in no mood to listen to friendly/unfriendly advices. What one needs is a practical solution but an advice.
Basically, when someone says something which hurts you, it has to be seen who that *someone* is…!!! Is it your dear friend, a family member, an acquaintance or just a passer-by? The point is, it has to be seen how much that *someone* really matters to you! If that someone is the one who’s really close to you then he/she obviously says it for your well-being. And even if not, you can always discuss stuff with him/her and sort it out, BECAUSE that person is CLOSE! In another cases, if somebody passes a vague comment, do you even have to care? Okay, if he happens to say something really serious, you can always talk your way out, even if the person next to you is a complete stranger. Most of us possibly go wrong here. We somehow don’t dare to take a stand and speak maturely. And if we do, we tend to get into an unnecessary argument. How does an argument/debate solve the problem? Does that really provide a conclusion? I guess not! Coz, apparently both parties are seen defending themselves. which is fine! My question is, to what extent should we really defend ourselves? If you know you’re right and you find a need to defend your point of view, which is being ruthlessly suppressed by others then it makes sense to logically prove your point. But people often tend to defend a few arguments, which they might not really believe in or which might be wrong. All we need is an acceptance. We need to respect and accept others’ points of view.
Enough said, I ultimately believe the single fact that everything around us has something to teach in it. And we gotta learn, grow and improve, till the end of our lives. If someone puts forth an honest criticism, grab the chance to improve upon the points mentioned. If someone speaks in an unlikeable or a rude manner, you get to learn *how not to speak to people*.  Who know an unlikeable sounding something may also inspire you to write a blogpost :-). Like this one! :P. We’ve to  move on. When in a problem, talk to your friend, to your siblings, to your family. Kyun hum apnose baat karne mein darte hain?  Don’t we have better things to focus upon? Why make things unnecessarily complicated? It’s very simple to let things go and relieve ourselves. Life provides better avenues to explore. There’s adventure around, so much joy and care around. Why stagnate in something which leads you to beer, a prostitute, a suicide, a crime and what not! Waste of life!
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