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दिल आज शायर हैं!

My poetic venture after a long long time… Hence special to me 🙂
ये मेरी धडकनों का शोर हैं?
        या तुमने चुपकेसे कुछ कहा हैं?

ये मेरी चाहतों की हैं खुशबु?
        या तुम्हारे आने से आँगन महका हैं?

ये मेरे इश्क की आंधी हैं?
        या तुम्हारे एहसास से मौसम बहका हैं?

क्या जानू? कैसा जहां लुट गया हैं?
        और मेरे दिल का क्या हाल हैं?

अब तो साँसे भी चलती नहीं
        बिना तुम्हारी आहटों की इज़ाज़त पाके

दिल भी क्यूँ बहलता नही?
        बिना तुम्हारी निगाहोंसे निगेबान होके

सब कुछ कितना अधुरासा धुंधलासा खोया खोया

सारा समा जैसे करवटे बदलता, न जागा न सोया

तुम शह्जादी सी, ख्वाबों के आशियाने से उतरके हकीकत में आई
कोई नीलमपरी अप्सरा सी मेरी सारी दुनिया पर छा गई

अब ऐसा आलम पाया हैं…
        की मेरी हस्ती मिट गयी
        और मेरा न मुझ में कुछ रहा

बस अब तुम्हारा साया हैं
        तुम्हारी धुप से ही ज़िन्दगी निखरी हैं
        और सोनेको हैं तुम्हारी ही छाया

तुम्हारे आने से ज़िंदगी का मायना बदल गया हैं
और ये आवारा प्रतीक फिर आज शायर बना हैं…


Happy (?) Birthday…

My Birthday’s approaching… I’ll be 21. No huge excitement as such. I fail to find anything special about birthday now-a-days. It just gives me another reason to celebrate and treat myself. The childhood excitement about birthday is long forgotten.  However, it does feel nice when your loved ones wish you. I consider myself fortunate enough to have been surrounded by people who love me, care for me and are my well-wishers.

Birthday, by societal perspective, is treated to be special and significant. On your birthday, you’re the master of the day, the center of attraction! Is it really the case for everyone?
I can think of a certain Nandu Kaka, who works in a mine. His wife did a tika to him in the morning before he left for the work. Work’s worship for him. He can’t skip the important work even if it is HIS day. No time for celebration, eh!

Or consider a Veer Jawaan Sandeep Singh. It’s his day. His beloved Mumma gave him a call this morning, with loads n loads of blessings. He talked to his newly wed wife. He only wished if she was there with him. But there he was, fighting on the border. “Would this be the day bring me death, too?”, thinks He.

and then there’s this 7 year old cute Niharika. She’s been dressed like a princess today. She is waiting for a few of her friends to come up so they all can start the celebration. It’s a theme party. Baloons, beautiful candles, decoration, a huge cake, chocolates, return gifts, relatives and so many little angels…!!! Her parents have left no stone unturned to make their daughter’s day special.

And Munnibai! The eunuch…!!! She’s just hoping this day allows her to take a rest from her usual routine of roaming around the streets, clap in a certain manner, collect money and offer ‘dua'(blessings). Isn’t there anyone to bless her? She’s only been thinking of how beautiful in childhood this day used to be, until…!

On the other hand, you have this 18-year old super rich kid, Arjun. His dad gifts him a car today. He’s thinking of going to a long car drive with his secret girlfriend. He’s already made plans. A beachside resort, a candlelight dinner, a bottle of wine…

What about those innumerable malnourished, underprivileged children on street? Can’t they get their own pie of cake, bought/made only for them?

There’s also this old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Joshi! Their children have been away, set out to make their own careers and families. Mr. Joshi has planned a few small and cute things for his beloved wife’s Birthday. A walk down the memory lane – a collage of their old photographs! A lunch specially cooked for her. A “Gajra”. 2 Tickets for a recently released Play. A poem specially written for Mrs. Joshi by Mr. Joshi…

What about all those choiceless sex workers or maybe their children??? No different ‘business’ even if it’s a special day, eh?

and then there are many of those, who don’t even know the day they were born. Couldn’t they enjoy this special day even once?

This special day, indeed, brings different meanings to different classes and creeds of people. And as I think about all those people mentioned above, I feel small. I don’t find anything special about me and my birthday. I start thinking. I can simply treat this day like just another day. Or I can still consider it special to celebrate my existence. My luxury to treat this day the way I want it makes me want to attach to it some meaning and significance beyond the normal. It makes me want to think beyond my own. If it has to be special, it can be special in several meaningful ways. 
What meaning can I find in my ‘special day’? The answer slowly begins to unveil in front of me as I pose this very question.
How can you all make your special day, your birthday… meaningful and beautiful? And I am not imposing that it always ought to be meaningful. But if special occasions like Birthdays call for it, we should think, right?
update: I’ve received some really great and honest comments on this post. Do have a look at them if you’ve liked or have not liked this post. Also lined up are my reply comments. I hope I’ve conveyed my thought well. Enjoy Reading.

Chaah ho toh…

I happened to go to a local park with a few close friends today. Walking by, I saw a group there which was practising a few dance stunts like Headstand, cart-wheel, etc. They were doing it on the lawn…!!! I could only observe n acknowledge the group for the sheer gut n enthusiasm with which the practise was on. Okay, so, their stunts were really cool n all that…!!! The point I want to make here is the Passion they had for the dance.
I am a dancer. I have my likings in folk-style of dances. But I’ve never ever been that passionate about dance or for that matter, about anything else. I could be a better dancer than what I am, if I’d taken the dancing seriously. I always had my share of excuses for not attending the dance class or learning new dance forms in particular. Excuses like, “noo yaar, I gotta study”, “I don’t like these kinds of danceforms”, “Can we do it sometime later” and blah…!!! Okay, forget my dancing interests! But that wannabe group left me awestruck today. They might not have got a proper hall or enough free space to practise maybe…! Maybe they had a lack of funds. But that supposedly never took their spirit away. They chose to practise on those lawns. And plus, they really got a naturally smooth surface for stunts. This is how possibly the best success stories are written. And it’s not only about dance as such. The spirit lies there, common to many of those who dream, nurture their dreams, strive hard and bring those dreams into reality. Someone’s correctly said, “Chaah ho toh raah nikal hii aatii hain”. I got my lesson too. There are no excuses for anything that you want to achieve in life. What you need is a great passion and a lot of hardwork…!!! I wish those guys all the very best in all their endeavours!
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