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The joy is multiplied when it is shared :)

I got my first salary today. Precious!!! Actually at moments like these, it’s not the money which is precious. It’s the pure, immense joy and satisfaction that comes with it, that’s precious!!! I had my eyes wet while coming back from the office today. I talked to my biggest inspiration, my Dad!!! Talked to my uncles and aunts… I can not even begin to express the joy they felt… and the deepest satisfaction that I got. Overwhelming! As I mentioned, the  monetary amount is no concern, It’s the purest feeling of starting with a new career, starting professional life, getting rewards of what you’ve strived for 4 years, being financially independent(or atleast the start of it). This may not be the career I’m meant to be in… This is possibly not the ultimate goal of my life. So it’s not really the joy of getting settled in the career in that sense.  It’s not like it’s the greatest accomplishment of Life. It’s just the feeling of a small little achievement that marks the start of a new phase of life… The feeling of joining the workaholic class, which is the support-system of the family, of the nation. The feeling of being a responsible human being henceforth.
Before I came home, I bought some sweets and distributed them to some beggars near a temple. I was lucky this day that I got to share my joy, my first earning with 2 very special people, my grandparents. They came from my native place a few days back. I can not thank them enough for their blessings, the moral values that they taught me.  My jiju told me to share my first earning with my family. I agree, it’s their right in every sense. It’s because of them that we all are so very capable. I was in tears again when I was offerring a small token to my grandparents. They din’t accept it though, asking me to spend the money myself. And ofcourse, I could meet a few of my best buddies too 🙂
To my fellow readers, if you’re yet to witness this joy, I wish that happens sooner. I wish you could resonate with my feelings sooner. Please don’t feel left out by this post. To all those who’re currently witnessing this joy, I urge you to share your joy with your family. Aaj unka haq banta hain. To all those who’ve already been through this, I would like you to share your experience 🙂
Take care you all…
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