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Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

He talks impressively about Intelligence, Talent, Ability and Passion and how education needs an organic model than a mechanical model. With 10th and 12th results out and a new academic year about to begin, this makes a brilliant watch.

Politics and Hypocrisy

At an interview with Barkha Dutt on NDTV, senior congress leader Digvijay Singh mentions that Anna’s Hazaare’s comparison of “Police action on Ramlila Grounds” to “Jaliyanwala Baug” is Shameful. Fair enough. I also believe the comparison was extreme (although the police action was totally uncalled for and thus, is not appreciated at all). Then too, if Mr. Digvijay Singh calls the comparison Shameful, point noted.

Now, I also remember Mr. Digvijay Singh calling BJP “Nachaniyon ki party” yesterday on opposition leader Sushma Swaraj’s dance on patriotic songs in front of Raj Ghat. Isn’t it shameful to use such an uncivilized word against a respectable woman leader of opposition? I am not a huge supporter of BJP (not especially after Atalbihari Vajpeyee left the political circle), but where was Mr. Digvijay Singh’s shame gone when he was kicking Sunil Kumar (the guy who waved a shoe at Congress Spokesperson Dwivedi)? 

I think Anna Hazare’s comparison was still honest and civilized. I don’t think senior political leaders like Mr. Digvijay Singh should be involved in picking up uncivilized words against a woman leader or in kicking somebody in mob and on top of that, saying that he does not regret what he did. Moreover, what annoys me is his total disregard for the “Nachaniya’s” who’re still a section of the society. Nachaniya’s are not substitutes for any abusive language. They still have a life – a freaking respectable life whatsoever their profession is.

These reactions more or less seem to me as panicked expressions coming out of discomfort created because of the tide that’s turned against the UPA governement recently. And such reactions only talk about hypocritical nature of Mr. Digvijay Singh, who represents a whole community of hypocritical politicians. Mr. Digvijay Singh, you have lost my vote already!
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