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About the time when I saw an accident and did nothing

“Hello, hang on there for 5 minutes. Let me follow your bike, since I don’t know the route to the auditorium.” A friend called me while I was on my way to an auditorium in the heart of the city, to watch a drama. It was already getting late. I told him I would drive slowly until he catches me. I took a left lane and started driving slowly. And in a matter of 30 seconds, to my horror, I saw a 2-wheeler skid. It had just passed by me. I noticed there were two 20-something girls on the bike. The one driving – couldn’t notice the speed-breaker on the sloping road. The vehicle because of its top speed just flew off a bit in the air and skidded down. While the girl who was driving could quickly get up, the pillion lay down unconscious on the busy highway road. The mob quickly gathered. They lifted the girl lying down and took her aside on a footpath. Thankfully there was no blood spilled. But the girl was still unconscious. I was only observing. In such situations, I don’t usually like to be a mere spectator and create a road block. I simply pass by, if it looks sure that there are people to take care of the situation. But I stopped by, more because I had to wait for my friend anyway. I could have easily got off my bike and offered some help. But I did not do that. I wanted to leave from there immediately after my friend’s arrival. Getting late for the drama bothered me more.

While she was being taken to the footpath, somebody in the mob shouted for water. I looked around to see if somebody’s getting water for her. I noticed a medical shop. Getting a water bottle from there was easier. But I just did not get off. I was totally acting like a passive LOSER witness. Then all of a sudden it struck to me that I was carrying a water bottle. I paused for a second or two to check if someone else was getting water from anywhere. Another woman was trying to check whether she had any water left with her. I shouldn’t have waited and thought as much before offering the water. I felt disgusted with myself and quickly took out the bottle from the bag and offered. The girl was still unconscious. A man began sprinkling water on her face and started feeding her some water through her mouth. I was still on my vehicle observing and thinking. I could not thank enough to the fact that I wear a helmet everyday. The helmet has become old, it is not at all fancy. It spoils my hair everyday (I’m obsessed with my hair). But life is too precious to lose because of an unnatural incident, so I wear a helmet. And I could not thank my friend enough who had called me and asked me to hang on. I had slowed down and had changed the side. Otherwise, who knows I could have dashed into the accident as well. I then started pondering about when my friend would come, so that I would take the water bottle back and leave. I checked – the man was still feeding water to her. I was wondering as to when the usage of the bottle would get over, so that I could quickly leave. And another thought flashed my mind, “Wait, what! There’s this woman who’s lying unconscious because of a frigging accident. The least you can do is to pray for her; and all you care about is – your water bottle!!!” I felt like a complete LOSER. I loathed myself. I thought I did not deserve to be there at that place, in that crowd who was handling the situation with sheer humanity, willingness to help and quick action. I decided to leave the scene, without the water bottle.

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