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When a fantasy came true

कुछ दिन पहले वाली बात हैं. I got home after a normal day at work. I got a call at 8.30pm from my boss, who’s the founder of the company I work at.

“Yesss!”, my heart started pounding before taking the call.

“Is this it?” I asked myself.

“Let’s not jump the guns” my mind told and I picked up the phone.

“Hey Pratik, कल चलना हैं ना मुंबई?”, asked my boss Suruchi from the other side.

I had a light smile on my face – a smile of contentment, a smile of seeing a foolish dream about to come true, a smile of excitement.

“I have no reason to say No. आप हुकुम फरमाओ”, I responded.

Suruchi – “Alright. Let’s leave for Mumbai tomorrow morning. I also don’t know the exact plan. But the person whom I am co-ordinating with has asked me to come over. So I am hoping something’s in store. तू बस सज धज के आना. Excited?”.

“You bet :-)”, I replied.

Suruchi – “We’re supposed to reach by 11. So let’s leave from Pune at 7.30”.

“Sure”, I said and hung up the phone.

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! I had started jumping with joy. The joy of watching Madhuri Dixit live in front of you can’t be paralleled after all. Oh wait, did I tell you that I saw Madhuri Dixit live – an event which I’d been foolishly fantasizing about? 😛 Well! Yes! This post is about how I witnessed the Screen Goddess, the absolutely stunning, the gorgeous, the vivacious, the elegant, the beautiful, the maddening Madhuri Dixit for 8 hours. This is an event that I’ll proudly narrate to my children and grandchildren as a bedtime fantasy 😛

Well – a little background – my boss Suruchi and I are madly in love with Madhuri Dixit. We’re true blue fans of her. Now that Madhuri Dixit has shifted back to India, we wanted to grab an opportunity to catch a glimpse of her. One fine day, Suruchi and I were just thinking on how we could get a chance to see Madhuri Dixit in real. She’d visited Pune twice but we’d missed the chance. It randomly struck to me that we could probably attend a Jhalak Dikhla Ja Shoot. Madhuri had been judging a popular dance reality show called Jhalak Dikhla Ja on Colors channel. We din’t know how we could get a chance to attend the show. We had no clue regarding the time and location of the shoot, regarding the passes to visit the studio and attend the shoot. So, we decided to find someone working for the show or with the TV channel. My other awesome boss – Mohit’s awesome network effect came into play and we got a chance to be at the shoot. #YUSS. And much to our fortune, we got a chance to attend not just any other shoot but the Jhalak Dikhla Ja Grand Finale shoot, which btw was graced by another veteran and super-awesome Sridevi. Watching the 2 Goddesses of beauty live in front of you – gracing the set, speaking, laughing, dancing – Boy! What a treat!


I still can’t believe that I’ve seen Madhuri this closely. I can’t believe that I was on the same set for 8 hours as she was. I could not just get enough of the woman I absolutely adore. She has this absolutely magnetic aura. And it was evident from the moment she entered the set. Other stars/celebs din’t acknowledge the audience at all on their entry, neither did the audience acknowledge the stars. But as soon as Madhuri entered, she greeted the audience by folding her hands, raising them and later waving at everyone. She was looking electrifyingly beautiful in an absolutely gorgeous pink Saree. The entire audience couldn’t get the eyes off her, I guess. I was so awestruck that I thought the entire audience was looking at her or perhaps I represented the entire audience and kept looking at her as if I had hundred eyes 😛

Inspite of being such a big star, Madhuri was extremely humble and playful on the set. No attitude, no starry tantrums whatsoever. She was extremely lively and cheerful. I must say she’s inspired me to be more cheerful and spread more cheer. I was sitting in the audience area which was to the left of where Madhuri was sitting. My head turned right, I was constantly looking at her 😛 प्यार के 2 रूप होते हैं – किसीका हो जाना या फिर किसीको अपना बना लेना (Lines copyrighted).  मेरा दिल मन ही मन यही कह रहा था की माधुरी, मैं आपका हो गया हूँ, बस एक बार आप मुझे अपना समझ के एक बार मेरी तरफ देख लो. It so happened that I thought she looked at us. I was hoping she’ll look at me, say Hi to me and spell the magic. But that din’t happen. Then later, when her entry to the show (and not her entry to the studio) was being shot, I thought she might just wave at the audience again. This entry was going to be telecasted. I was all set to do a huge wave to get noticed. As a part of the shoot, a huge sliding door was supposed to get opened and Madhuri was supposed to come out from there and enter the stage. She came out. The audience cheered for her. I was constantly waving my hand at her. As she was walking toward the stage, I think she noticed me and waved at my part of the audience with her zillion dollar infectious smile. चंद लम्हों के लिए आँखों से आँखें मिली और मेरा तो दिन बन गया. दिन क्या – दिन, रात, महिना, साल, ज़िन्दगी बन गयी  🙂 You can still find me blushing whenever I think of that moment when she looked at me. Madhuri Dixit, as an actress, as a star, as a dancer, as a reality TV show judge is absolutely awesome and I am glad I could catch glimpses of her in all of the roles above for an entire day. Following are the pictures of the actual momentImage Image

I wanted to grab an opportunity to click a picture with her. I would have spent my entire lifetime looking at that photo everyday. I would have found my solace in that picture in my low times. At 6.30pm, Madhuri Dixit got out of the studio for some time. We wanted to get out of the studio immediately to catch a close glimpse of her, but we weren’t allowed to. We came out sometime later and went close to her van. I asked her makeup man whether he could help me get a photograph. He asked me to check with her helper boy. I went to him. He told that she was busy getting ready for the dance performance which was going to be shot 3 hours later. He asked us to wait for 3 hours and he could probably get us a picture. It was 7pm. We wanted to immediately leave for Pune to avoid late night travel because we had office the next day. Waiting until 10pm seemed impossible given that we were extremely tired, were without food for the whole day (we din’t carry any food inside the studio) and I particularly did not want to take any chance with my health as I had a release to take care of the next day. अगर रुक भी जाता, तो बाद में पुणे लौटने के, खाने पीने के, overnight मुंबई रुकने के काफी वांदे हुए होते. I still considered an option to not leave for Pune, wait until 10pm to get that one magical picture and figure out things later. But I chose a safer option and left for Pune with a hope that one day, I’ll definitely get a chance to meet the magic woman. With this magical day, I would love to share a personal learning which I absolutely believe in – that – Have courage to do the things you want to do. The courage in my boss and me gave us a chance to see the most adorable woman in our lives so closely. And I wish I had taken more courage to hang around, get that picture of the lifetime and also witness her dance live. All the if’s and but’s because of which I din’t stay back could have been take care of. Now that I think of it, choosing between courage and regret shouldn’t have been that hard. Choosing courage was a no-brainer, but I don’t know what I was thinking. I now vow to meet Madhuri Dixit again. All my life, I’ll spend some time everyday longing for that one more chance to meet Madhuri Dixit. Din’t someone say that hope keeps a man alive 🙂

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