Short Films – “Yes! I am the Change” initiative

I am sharing with you the short films that some of us made over the last weekend (Aug 15-18).

These films were made as a part of “Yes! I am the change” initiative, where we were given 101 hours to make a short film of 5 minutes on the social issues provided by them. Our group of about 15 people (a bunch of theater enthusiasts from college) got two topics – Female Foeticide and Street Children.

Here’s the short film on Female Foeticide

Here’s the one on Street Children

It was indeed a fulfilling experience. It takes a lot to create a short film of even as short as a 5-minutes. I personally am very satisfied to have contributed to the film on Street Children by writing a poem that’s used in the middle of the film.

Re-sharing it below :

Camera कैसे कैद करेगा वो सब?
जो खुली आँखें देखने से कतराती हैं

ट्रैफिक सिग्नल पे देखे मैंने जब
भूखे, गुमराह, मासूम बच्चे
तब लगा, गुमराह वो हैं, या गुमराह मैं हूँ?
जो नहीं चल पाया मैं उन् रास्तों पर, पहुँचने को उन तक!

जब मैंने झाँका अपने आप को उन् मासूम आँखों में
तब लगा मैंने कितना कुछ अनदेखा कर दिया

आखिर कैसे करूँ मैं उनकी कहानी बयाँ?
जो अब तक उनके होने का एहसास ही नहीं हो पाया

Do watch the films and share your love!


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